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Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine

final fantasy vii vincent valentine cosplay costume width 140 height 186 watermark water.png Final Fantasy VII Vincent ValentinePrice $125.99

Vincent Valentine creates a handsome appearance. The suit for him covers a mantle, trousers, headband, gloves, shirt, coat and sash. Two main colors are applied: black and red. The red mantle matches with the black suit inside well. It is fastened on the front by six lines of buckles. The gloves are elbow-length. The black trousers are composed by pants and tights under the knee. Each part is imitated meticulously, ensuring 100% similarities.

Being made from classy Jazz cloth, this Final Fantasy VII Cosplay Costume will be comfortable and durable. The size can be chosen. But just send us your exact measurement; we will customize the suit for you, without any additional cost. In this way, you can add some accentuation on your figure. Being sold on $125.99, it realizes your dream to make the same look with Vincent Valentine in a thrifty way, let alone the promised discount for the first time customer and people who purchase 2 or over 2 items once, and free shipping worldwide.

555 196x300 Final Fantasy VII Vincent Valentine

Final fantasy seems like an eternal popular theme for costume play. Once you find interest on any role’s look, you can imitate it here. offers you the whole set of clothes for all roles in . These fantastic clothes and wigs are sold on lower prices with free shipping worldwide. Above is the suit for Vincent Valentine.


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